Prosthetic socket comfort often is a big problem for above knee amputees. The flexible prosthetic socket I am demonstrating here has changed my quality of life as an above-the-knee amputee! This socket is very comfortable, yet providing good stability when I walk on my prosthetic leg. When I have a day in office, or in my job having long meetings with customers, I require a comfortable prosthetic socket that enables me to sit for long hours without having pain from the prosthetic socket. When walking, I require good stability in the socket. My flexible prosthetic socket is made from silicone with different degrees of flexibility, and certain areas having a rigid carbon frame inside.

Above knee amputation flexible transfemoral socket.
Comfortable and flexible prosthetic socket for above knee prosthesis

This innovative prosthetic socket design has been developed by Alexander Schwarz and Udo Danske from Schwarz Prosthetics. Also see my article on Prosthetic Socket Fit.

In the video below I am testing a new above knee prosthetic socket. My prosthetist, Alexander Schwarz, is doing a video gait analysis here (see more on Alex Schwarz’s German Facebook profile and Alex Schwarz’s English Facebook profile).

2 thoughts on “Flexible Prosthetic Socket

  1. Hi interested to know more about the flexible socket. I am 54 5’2in height with anshort fat stump. Sitting in my current socket causes me to have increased phantom pain. I want to ride horses again but no way in this type of socket. My right knee is not the best so Laka Added makes it difficult. Battling weight as not as mobile as I should be. If I go shopping etc the night is living hell. Yesterday my quad bike broke down at the back of my property so hadnto walk a longway for me. Today can hardly get put of bed. Any find a socket that I can live move better in my prosthetic woukd be fantastic.

    • Hi,
      you need to get a better prosthetic socket, that is for sure. I have 25 years experience as an above the knee amputee, and I think there are only few prosthetists who really get proper socket fit right. I am now traveling a long distance to have my prosthetic leg made by an exceptionally good prosthetist, which was a big decision for me initially. But it has made such a difference in my life so it is worth any effort! A well-fitting and comfortable prosthetic socket makes all the difference.

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