As an above-knee amputee, I am sharing experience and giving advice for amputees on prosthetic legs and living life as an amputee.

above knee amputee living fulfilling lifeI had my above-knee amputation due to osteosarcoma (bone cancer) when I was 23.
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amputee prosthetic knee for short stumpMy new prosthetic knee, the Very Good Knee – Short Transfemoral (VGK-S), is specifically designed for above knee amputees having a short stump.
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Amputee putting on above knee prosthetic leg.The key to a good prosthetic leg for above-the-knee amputees is proper socket fit, particularly with a short stump. See how I use muscle contraction to hold the prosthetic socket of my above-knee prosthesis.
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Compare prosthetic knee Ottobock CLeg Genium Össur Rheo VGK.Read my article on what I believe really matters in terms of prosthetic knee joints, and how I compare mechanical and microprocessor prosthetic knees.
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