As an above-knee amputee, I am sharing experience and giving advice for amputees on prosthetic legs and living life as an amputee.

above knee amputee living fulfilling lifeI had my above-knee amputation when I was 23. See the video of my story of how I can live a fulfilling life despite amputation.
See My Story as an Amputee.


Amputee putting on above knee prosthetic leg.The key to a good prosthetic leg for above-the-knee amputees is proper socket fit, particularly with a short stump. See my article about how I use muscle contraction to hold the prosthetic socket of my above-knee prosthesis. It might be an encouragement for amputees!
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Compare prosthetic knee Ottobock CLeg Genium Össur Rheo VGK.Read my article on what I believe really matters in terms of prosthetic knee joints, and how I compare mechanical and microprocessor prosthetic knees.
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Above knee amputee with electronic prothetic leg knee.You might also be interested in amputee resources I found to be valuable to leg amputees.
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I am planning more articles for amputees on subjects such as prosthetic leg technologies, cycling on one leg, skin care on the residual limb, phantom pain, and many more tips and tricks for every day life as an amputee. Stay in touch by signing up to my Newsletter on this page!