My Sockets

I have different prostheses which I use for different purposes. This is primarily because I have a very short stump which makes prosthetic socket fitting very difficult. It is impossible to have a single socket that gives me maximum stability and a certain degree of comfort, particularly when sitting, at the same time. When I do a lot of walking and standing (like when going shopping, or during outdoor activities) I require good stability in the socket. When I have a day in office or at home, or in my job having long meetings with customers, I require a socket that enables me to sit comfortably and without having pain.

This is a flexible socket made from silicone, with different degree of flexibility in different areas, and certain areas having a rigid frame inside. This innovative socket technology has been developed by Udo Danske from Geh Vision:

flexible above knee prosthetic socket

Here I am testing a new socket. My prosthetist, Alexander Schwarz, is doing a video gait analysis here (see Alex Schwarz’s Facebook profile for more):

The Münster Study

In 2013 the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs sponsored a scientific study in which Ottobock’s C-Leg, Össur’s Rheo Knee II, Orthomobility‘s VGK and the Orion knee (by Endolite) had been compared in a clinical cross-over study by a research unit of the University Hospital for Prosthetics, Orthotics and Rehabilitation in Münster, Germany.

The title of the study is

Knee Joints with Controlled Flexion Damping for Transfemoral Amputees in a Clinical Cross-Over Study: C-Leg, Rheo Knee II, VGK, Orion

Interestingly, many aspects of the study results match with my own personal experience. This is very important information for above-knee amputees because it draws attention to the fact that there is a new generation of mechanically controlled knee joints showing comparable capabilities to electronically controlled knees, yet with none of the restrictions imposed by electronics.

I got permission to make the study results available for download for a limited time. Follow this link to download the officially approved English translation of the study report (PDF) .

A paper copy of this booklet is available from the publisher under this link.

The original German title is:

Kniepassteile mit geregelter Flexionsdämpfung für Oberschenkelamputierte im klinischen cross-over Vergleich: C-Leg, Rheo Knee II, VGK, Orion

Authors: Hans Henning Wetz, Stefan Schüling, Markus Hildebrandt und Kerstin Tiemeyer

The official German study report can be obtained from Amazon under this link or from any other bookstore.