I had been suffering from bone cancer and lost my left leg when I was 23. This summer, soon after my 50th birthday, I made a video looking back at my life. I am grateful for all the people in my life who helped. In fact, I feel like I am the happiest man on earth.

See the encouraging 2 minute video with my story of how I live a fulfilled life despite my amputation:

8 thoughts on “My Story as an Amputee

  1. Hi Karl F, I’m a 29 year lady who has lost the left leg(at the same level as yours) two weeks ago also due to cancer. I’m so inspired and wish to thank you for such a website. I know that I will learn a lot from you as I journey as an amputee. Remain blessed.

    • Hi Rashel,
      glad to hear that my story is an inspiration. I wish I could have had more encouragement from fellow amputees when I was 23 and had osteosarcoma and lost my leg. I had great support from my wife, friends and family. However, I did not know any other amputees and had to learn a lot myself in terms of living with amputation and a prosthesis. Some things could have been easier if I had known then what I know now. That’s what ampulife.com is about: I want to share my experience. And I invite fellow amputees to leave their comments.

  2. You are an inspiration, Karl – and you look and sound so happy and blessed too

    May God give you His Peace, Love and Joy for ever both for yourself, your family and other amputees who follow you here, Amen!

    • Dear Ivor,
      thanks for your comment. I am aware that I am very blessed indeed. However, my situation had not always been easy. That’s why I am sharing my story as an amputee: As an inspiration and to give hope to my fellow amputees.

  3. Hi Karl, how are things, hope you are well. Not going great here, the country thinks I am not disabled enough for my mobility car and are taking it off me and to cap it off I have fallen down the stairs at home leaving me unable to walk very well.
    Life as an amputee I suppose great isn’t it

    • Hi Carl,
      sorry to hear about all these troubles. Life as an amputee is seldom a straight line and we all are having our struggles. But it is up to us to accept these challenges and let them make us stronger, not desparate!
      Best wishes, Karl

  4. Encouraging to say the least. I am still in hospital having my bad left leg amputated above the knee 22 days ago at the age of 63. I feel my main problem watching your video is impatience. I want to be walking again now. And find it hard to believe that I can achieve mobility that reflects that shown by you.

    • Dear Ian,
      I have been an amputee for 27 years and if had known earlier what I know now, a lot would have been easier. That’s what my amputee support website ampulife.com is about: Sharing experience with fellow amputees. I wish you a quick recovery. Life is good, regardless of amputation!

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